Greenbelt Aliance
Kids on Hill


We can make our neighborhoods better and safer by making them more walkable. We can strengthen our economy and reduce traffic by building more homes close to jobs. We can protect vital lands to secure clean drinking water, fresh food, and places to play.

Healthy benefitsRevitalizing Bay Area downtowns and taking development pressure off farmland will provide healthy benefits for people.


If we care about the Bay Area’s future, we need to invest in its greatest assets: the vibrant communities and natural areas that nurture tomorrow's leaders and attract people from all over the world.

The era of unsustainable growth must end. For our climate, our health, and our quality of life, we can no longer afford to sacrifice the Bay Area's stunning open spaces to development, adding cars to our roads while we neglect our urban neighborhoods and suburban downtowns.

READY FOR A NEW ECONOMY Demand for in-town living is growing. Research indicates that attracting entrepreneurs and talented workers—the "creative class"—will require investing in vibrant urban centers. As Baby Boomers retire and more Americans live on thir own than ever before, demographics indicate that the demand for living in central areas, close to services, will only rise.