Greenbelt Aliance


Greenbelt Alliance has compiled tools to improve your city and help the Bay Area Grow Smart:

From providing community benefits to encouraging investment, from creating new citywide plans to designing walkable neighborhoods, find what you need to make a difference.


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A Lively Future

The future we can create will be more lively, convenient, and better for all.


Today, instead of encouraging sustainable growth, many city policies actually prevent it.

To create better neighborhoods and a better Bay Area, we need to change that.

We need to:

Get everyone involved: residents should speak up for good development in central areas. Cities should get residents involved early on and ensure they will benefit.

Plan for walkable neighborhoods by increasing building heights and densities, reducing parking requirements and raising parking pricing, designing streets for pedestrians and bicyclists, and making sure every resident can walk to a clean, safe park.

Bring good plans to fruition by making the development process more straightforward, especially when proposals fit into city plans.

Stop sprawl by adopting urban growth boundaries, preserving rural land with zoning, and requiring voter approval of any development outside urban boundaries.

Invest in infrastructure--both gray and green-- by focusing funding in key areas, and upgrading transit, water, sewer, and park systems to support smart growth and conserve vital lands.

Working together on these practical solutions, we can do it. We can make our region thrive.